About Us

The ‘Searcher’s Club’
A Masonic Study Group

The ‘Searcher’s Club’, formed in January 2010, is an informal Masonic study group, whose membership is open to any Master Mason in good standing with a just and duly constituted Lodge in amity with the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of New York. Attendance of meetings is volitional, and is not restricted to any specific Lodge, district, state, or country. The name of the club derives from the concept that while Masonic Candidates seek light within the Craft, Master Masons search for the Masonic Lost Word- hence, the Searcher’s Club.

The purpose of the ‘Searcher’s Club’ is to provide an opportunity for Master Mason’s to take fellowship with Brethren under the auspices of studying, discussing, and analyzing items of direct interest within the Blue Lodge degree’s- Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft, and Master Mason. The ‘Searcher’s Club’ is not intended as a substitute or alternative for any presently established course of Masonic study (e.g. LSOME, Road to the East, etc.) provided by either a just and duly constituted Grand Lodge or Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons or Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons. At best, the topics studied, discussed, and analyzed within the ‘Searcher’s Club’ serve only as supplemental information addendum to the individual Brother’s present course of learning.

The format of the ‘Searcher’s Club’ is ultimately open to the suggestions and capabilities of the Brother’s participating. The format is free to take on, but is not limited to, the structure of friendly debate, informal lecture, self-study and group discussion, whichever format is best suited to the needs of the participating Brethren.

The ‘Searcher’s Club’ shall hold regular meetings, occurring once monthly at a pre-determined time and place. In this manner, membership participation will not, and should not, interfere with the various life and/or Masonic obligations that the Brethren hold. Additionally, a regularly scheduled date and time lends towards the development of discipline within our Craft work.

Official mass communication amongst participating members of the ‘Searchers Club’ shall be conducted via email and/or cellular phone/text messaging. Additionally, due to the popularity of Facebook and Yahoo, there will be a private Facebook page entitled, ‘The Searcher’s Club’ so that participants may have an alternative mode of contact at their disposal. At this page, members can post pictures, instant message each other, post and respond to discussion questions, and submit ideas for future meetings. Although the Facebook page is private, Brethren should remain cognizant of their Obligations when posting material; the Yahoo group ‘The Masonic Luminary’ will also be used to post scheduled study group sessions amongst Brethren. The Facebook page address is www.facebook.com/searchers.

To obtain membership, Brethren should either submit their name, Lodge, email address, and phone number to: TheSearchersClub@gmail.com, or come to a scheduled study session.