Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Upcoming Lecture

On Tuesday evening, December 27, the American Lodge of Research will be hosting a lecture entitled:
The Beginnings of Indian Freemasonry
Masonic Hall             
  71 W. 23rd Street, NYC
This is a tiled communication open to all Master Masons.

(W\) Brother Andrew Hammer
will be delivering a lecture
on January 24, 2012
at the Masonic Hall in NYC.

Brothers are encouraged to read his book:

Observing the Craft:
The Pursuit of Excellence in
 Masonic Labour and Observance

…prior to attending in order to enhance your understanding of this extraordinary Masonic thinker.

Details regarding this event
will be forthcoming.

Brother Moses Montefiore Masonic Education Association

My Brothers,
It is again high noon on this bright Sunday as I sit down to pen this column. In the coming days is the convergence of two commemorations which connect to our Masonic symbolism. The Jewish holiday of Chanukah is the celebration of the rededication of the Great Temple of Jerusalem, (the second Temple to stand on Mount Moriah as the Temple  built by King Solomon was destroyed by Babylonian conquerors). The holiday focuses on the symbol of Light, and the miracle that it can continue to shine despite the efforts of the enemies of that which we hold dear to snuff it out forever. Simultaneously is the marking of the Winter Solstice. This occasion is often wrongly focused on the fact that it marks the shortest day of the year, a day in which the Sun is seen for too few hours…However, more significantly, like a Phoenix, this day also portends the dawn which follows---the day in which the Sun becomes stronger as its rays again begin to shine brighter and the workday of our ancient operative brethren could again be longer and more productive.  

So too should we, under the leadership of our lodge masters, rededicate our Temples and step forward to ensure that our labor is both energetic and focused on our desire to achieve perfection. How do we rededicate ourselves? Pick up a Masonic text and study it…deconstruct its verbiage and genuinely learn its subtle lessons. Increase your Masonic labor by preparing a Masonic paper or lecture. Mentor a brother of the Craft in need of guidance. Visit a brother of your Lodge who you have not seen in the Temple. These holidays are not meant to be days of rest, but rather days of being Freemasons.

Always on the level,
Brother Lenny Lubitz, F&AM

A Interesting Read for Masons

I came across this interesting read at Sacred-Texts. If you haven't been to the site, it's a great place to get books that were printed in the early Twentieth Century or prior. All the Masonic standards are there, i.e. Pike, etc. 

Check it out!




Knowledge of a part is better than ignorance of the whole" (Abu`l Feda)

London, J. Murray


{Scanned at, November, 2001}

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Masonic Speaker at Athelstane Lodge No. 839!!!

ALL BRETHREN- Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft, and Master Masons are cordially and fraternally invited to attend.

“Why did you leave the West ...?”

Past Jr. Grand Warden

Brother Richard is one of the most dynamic and interesting speakers in our NY Grand Jurisdiction today.  This will be a night you will not want to miss!!!


2 South Middletown Road, PEARL RIVER, NY

Reception and dinner- 6:00 PM
Lodge opens- 7:30 PM
Program- 8 PM

Business attire, Aprons and Jewels please

You are also invited to participate in a catered dinner at the modest cost of $10,  payable at the door, but you MUST RSVP so that your name can be placed on the dinner list and we know how many to plan on for dinner.

RSVP FOR DINNER and/or additional information:
R:.W:. Ronald J. Steiner
Athelstane Lodge No 839 F & AM
(Pearl River, NY)
(845) 354 - 4192

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Atlas Pythagoras Lodge No. 10 Presents a Lecture Entitled "Why Ethiopia"

The Officers and Members 
cordially invite
to attend our regular Communications to be held on
Friday October 7, 2011 
1011 Central Avenue, Westfield NJ.
Dinner at 6:30 P.M. and Communications at 7:30 P.M.

Ronald Murad,Past Master of AP10, PDRI and Secretary
to the GM 2012 will present a lecture 

"Why Ethiopia?"

This lecture is open to 
Master Masons Only

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Andrew Hammer Lecture!!

"Observing the Craft"

Thursday October 27, 2011

7 PM - 9:30 PM

Middletown Masonic Temple
9 Courtland Street
Middletown, NY

You are invited to an exciting Thursday Night Masonic Lecture: open to all EA, FC and Master Masons. Observing the Craft is a manifesto of sorts for the observant Mason, who seeks quality over quantity in every aspect of Masonry. It is a stringent argument for the Symbolic (Blue) Lodge as the ne plus ultra of the Craft, asking that Masons put actions behind their statements that 'nothing is higher than the third degree.'

It is a book that calls for nothing but the utmost personal effort and commitment to be put into the operation of a Masonic Lodge, and the experience of a Masonic meeting, in search of the transformational experience which Masons define as 'making good men better'.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm diggin' my hardback ALR "Transactions"

I've just received my American Lodge of Research hardback copy of Transactions in the mail today- great stuff!

For those of you that don't know, the Transactions is a collection of scholarly papers that members of the Lodge have written. As for the Lodge itself,  it "is the oldest Masonic research Lodge in the United States. It was organized in 1931, and has been continuously active and productive since. Although its activities were originally directed towards the study of Masonic history in the United States, the Lodge now encourages work in wider and more general topics of Masonic study." At the website, you can download the FAQ sheet and get "the skinny" on the Lodge. 

I had the fortunate experience to join as a Corresponding Member, but it is my sincere desire to join as an Active Member- "Active Membership is limited to Master Masons who have previously published or read a paper before the Lodge or before some other recognized Masonic Lodge of research, or have exhibited some other academic qualification that commends him to the Lodge." 

I have a few ideas that I'd like to explore and present, and the ALR presents a GREAT venue to do such...Flipping through the pages, there's a pretty interesting paper that contains information about the Egyptian Rites...Hmmm, I think I have some reading to do!

Now, if I can just get my gauge to read 25...

Bro. Earnest

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Have You Joined the Masonic Book Club!


While taking fellowship with the Brethren of Allied Lodge No. 1170 yesterday, during a social for a man interested in joining their Lodge, I had an enlightening conversation with Bro. Bill Thomas. We discussed everything from the Baltimore Conference to Lodge Officers, and then some. And as is usual, when having a conversation with one of the Brethren that's been around a while, Bro. Bill removes another veil, thus bringing Freemasonry to greater transparency and exposing me to further Light in the Craft.

"Have you ever heard of the Masonic Book Club?"

Bethren, this was news to me, as I had never heard of such a thing. For $20, you get yearly membership and a reprinting of some Masonic classic, typically written before 1920. As many of you know, such books are timely, and unfortunately immediately relevant to the same issues that we experience today in 21st Century Masonry. Beyond that, it's a great way for a Mason to build up his library of rare classics not so easily found.

I went and joined today at this link- the Masonic Book Club. The site is simple and easy to use, particularly if you have a PayPal account.

There's so much to know and learn within this honorable profession, and this seems like a great departure point from which to begin Travel.

Monday, August 29, 2011



On Monday March 21, 2011, I had the incredible experience of hearing Bro. Rashied K. Sharrief Al-Bey deliver his lecture "Stellar Theology and Masonic Astronomy" at Nutley Lodge No.25 in New Jersey- it was well worth the effort of Travelling to that jurisdiction.

Since that time, I have had the fortune of finding a PDF copy online. I was so impressed with the read, that it was only logical to share such Light with the Brethren. So gentlemen, here is the link- Free PDF "Stellar Theology and Masonic Astronomy".

I am glad that I can share such Light, please enjoy it as I have.

Bro. Earnest L. Hudson, Jr.
Joseph Warren-Gothic Lodge No. 934
GL of F&AM of the State of NY

A Masonic Walking Tour of Lower Manhattan!!!

The Searchers Club supports:

The Bro. Moses Montefiore
Masonic Study Association
"Think and Thank"

Invites You to a Masonic Walking Tour of Lower Manhattan

...By: W:. Lenny Lubitz

Date: Saturday, September 10, 2011
Time: 10:00AM

Location: We will gather at St. Paul's Chapel
Broadway @ Fulton Street

Cost: $7.00/brother (payable to the Fraunces Tavern Museum)
In addition, we will be finishing the event at Fraunces Tavern's historic bar and restaurant---drinks and meals are dutch treat.

It is also suggested that brothers bring cameras and binoculars.

RSVP required

This event is open to all Freemasons of all ranks

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A PDF File for "The Meaning of Masonry" is available!


Our Bro. and friend, Lenny Lubitz, has provided a link to a PDF file for Wilmshurt's "The Meaning of Masonry." Here's some of the reason's that you'd want to secure this copy:
"It is a link to the pdf version of the Wilmhurst book, a format both easier to read as well as downloadable so that it can both be saved and read on a Kindle or Nook or IPad...

In addition, it has a forward penned by (RW) Brother Alan Boudreau, the former curator and librarian of the Livingston Masonic Library (as well as a Fellow of the American Lodge of Research)."

PDF file link for "The Meaning of Masonry"

Many thanks,

Your brother Lenny Lubitz

We thank you Brother Lenny for this contribution!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Allied Lodge No. 1170 initiates a Masonic Book of the Month Club!!!

Our Brethren at Allied Lodge No. 1170 have had the insight to start a book-of-the-month club for Brethren interested in furthering their Masonic education, or just wanting a great Masonic social outlet. I am told, through Bro. Michael Flores (some of you may know him as "Bro. Flo"), that the first book to be read is the Masonic classic entitled, The Meaning of Masonry by William Wilmshurst.

The books are first read, then discussed in an open forum on the Allied Lodge Facebook Page. Bro. Flores says that the discussions are pretty lively, and invites us all to participate! If you're interested, simply visit the Allied Lodge page by clicking here and request to be added to the group. Additionally, you can email R.W. Curtis Alan Banks at to be added to the Allied Lodge page.

For those of you who either can't find a copy of the book, or the cost simply may not be in the budget, here is a link to an online copy at the website click here for the online copy of The Meaning of Masonry.

Here's a small taste of William Wilmshursts writing:

"Light is granted in proportion to the desire of our hearts, …".

"Initiation, … meant a process whereby natural man became transformed into spiritual or ultra-natural man and to effect this it was necessary to change his consciousness, to gear it to a new and higher principal, and so, as it were, make of him a new man in the sense of attaining a new method of life and a new outlook upon the universe." (Meaning of Masonry, Wilmshurst, p. 185)

I, for one, am definitely participating. Before I became a Freemason, I read such books, but never had anyone to discuss them with! I look forward to sharing thoughts and ideas with my Brethren about such things, and look forward to taking fellowship with new Brethren I have not yet met, those who might otherwise have remained perpetually at a distance.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bro. Alleyne Provides a Link to an Excellent Paper on Facebook!

My Brethren,

If you're not aware of the Esoteric Blue Room group on Facebook, you may want to do some investigating. Inthat room, there are some pretty heady discussions, the kind that made you want to join Freemasonry inthe first place, particularly if you thought Freemasonry was founded on deep philosophical and esoteric principles. We've provided the link here- Click here to download Bro. Jackson's paper- and strongly encourage you to read it through; we have found it to be very insightful!

Here are two of the Facebook comments posted on the paper thus far:

Earnest Hudson
Good stuff! I particularly appreciate that the speaker did not simply admonish the Craft, but rather gave an observational analysis, through Comparison/Contrast, of then current issues affecting, what the speaker seemed to feel as being, th...e stability of the Craft within the United States of America. Additionally, he gave a Masonic solution, Emulation- to practice the highly successful habits of the Craft that are found in other parts of the Masonic world community.

I find this approach similar to a tenet expoused by a great statesmen who was quite famous for saying, and I loosely paraphrase, that the liberation of the mind is best achieved through adoptation of the mindset that one is a "World Citizen," juxtaposed to being a member of a social sub-class, local community, city, state, or even country. For myself, in a Masonic context, I find this powerful indeed, for it implies that we of the United States have possibly stunted our own Masonic growth to the extent that we extoll our varying levels of jingoism.
See More
3 hours ago ·
  • Bill Thorne
    Bro. Jackson is on point. As you travel and experience Freemasonry in a worldwide setting you'll develop a deeper and more meaningful appreciation for doing so. There is more to Freemasonry than reading and learning to ricite the contents o...f the Ritual in the various Degrees. Hit the road Jack! there is knowledge beyond the four walls that house your Lodge meetings. Keep in mind, the Lodge is within you. May His blessings be with all!
  • Thursday, August 4, 2011

    Symposium in Alexandria!!

    August 19-21
    Alexandria, Virginia

    "The Masonic Restoration Foundation Symposium is the largest gathering of Masons in the United States who are expressly committed to observing the highest standards of excellence in the Craft. This year the Symposium will be hosted under the auspices of Alexandria-Washington Lodge No. 22, one of the most historic lodges in the nation, and a proponent of excellence in Masonic observance.
    The Symposium will take place from August 19-21, at the George Washington Masonic Memorial, with meetings conducted both in the Alexandria-Washington Lodge Room and the Memorial Theater. The event will begin with a special Festive Board held in the Grand Masonic Hall on Friday evening, featuring our Keynote Speaker, Julian Rees. Early Registration (until July 19) for the Symposium is $50.00.
    This event is not to be missed, and we have secured excellent rates for accommodation at the Hilton directly across from the Memorial. All the information you need to participate is found here on this web site. We look forward to seeing you at the Symposium!"
    Andrew Hammer, PM
    Alexandria-Washington Lodge No. 22
    Organizer, MRF Symposium 2011

    Tuesday, August 2, 2011

    Presentation Proposal Form

    Brethren, to make it easier for youto gather your ideas and thoughts regading presentations for the Searchers Club, we have put toether a proposal form for your convenience. You can either copy and paste onto a word document, or simply print from this page. Also, the entire Introduction packet tab contains all the docs necessary for you to get up to speed on the happenings of the club.

    Great Luck!

    Presentation Proposal Form

    Presenter Name:
    Email address:
    Contact Number:

    Presentation Name:
    Presentation Length (up to 60 minutes):
    Topic (select one):

    Esoteric           Ritual              Masonic Law             Etiquette               Education
    History           Appendant Bodies                 Other (Please Describe):                   

    Brief Description:

    Equipment Needed (select one):

    Computer                  Projector            Projection Screen                Photocopies               
    Other (Please Describe):

    Proposed Presentation Date (mm/dd/yy):
    Day of the Week:
    Time (Although most Searcher’s Club sessions will begin at 6 P.M. and end at 9 P.M., we recognize that, due to the inherent nature of some topics, start times may need to be adjusted accordingly):
    Format Desired (2-hour formats are used for sessions beginning after 9 P. M.):

    3-Hour (example)
    6:00 P.M. – Evening Opens
    Opening Remarks/Introduction
    6:10 P.M. - Meet & Greet, Food Orders
    6:20 P.M. - Searcher’s Club updates & Speaker Introduction
    6:25 P.M. - Speaker Presentation
    7:25 P.M. - Q&A, Group Discussion
    7:45 P.M. - Organizer’s Presentation Wrap-Up
    7:50 P.M. - Fellowship
    8:50 P.M. - Closing Remarks/Farewells
                            Facebook Page
                            Thank You
    9:00 P.M. - Evening Closes

    2-Hour (example)
    9:00 P.M. – Evening Opens
    Opening Remarks/Introduction
    9:10 P.M. - Meet & Greet, Food Orders
    9:20 P.M. - Searcher’s Club updates & Speaker Introduction
    9:25 P.M. - Speaker Presentation
    10:10 P.M. - Q&A, Group Discussion
    10:25 P.M. - Organizer’s Presentation Wrap-Up
    10:30 P.M. - Fellowship
    10:55 P.M. - Closing Remarks/Farewells
                            Facebook Page
                            Thank You
    11:00 P.M. - Evening Closes


    Monday, August 1, 2011

    Study Session Format

    Many of the newer Brethren to the group have asked as to what a typical Searchers Club meeting entails. For your convenience, we have posted our two basic formats, the ones we utilize the most, barring some unusual need of either the speaker of venue. We hope this helps you to gather your ideas more succinctly, and enables you to participate as a presenter at one of our upcoming meetings!

    Study Session Formats

    3-Hour (example)
    6:00 P.M. – Evening Opens
    Opening Remarks/Introduction
    6:10 P.M. - Meet & Greet, Food Orders
    6:20 P.M. - Searcher’s Club updates & Speaker Introduction
    6:25 P.M. - Speaker Presentation
    7:25 P.M. - Q&A, Group Discussion
    7:45 P.M. - Organizer’s Presentation Wrap-Up
    7:50 P.M. - Fellowship
    8:50 P.M. - Closing Remarks/Farewells
                            Facebook Page
                            Thank You
    9:00 P.M. - Evening Closes

    2-Hour (example)
    9:00 P.M. – Evening Opens
    Opening Remarks/Introduction
    9:10 P.M. - Meet & Greet, Food Orders
    9:20 P.M. - Searcher’s Club updates & Speaker Introduction
    9:25 P.M. - Speaker Presentation
    10:10 P.M. - Q&A, Group Discussion
    10:25 P.M. - Organizer’s Presentation Wrap-Up
    10:30 P.M. - Fellowship
    10:55 P.M. - Closing Remarks/Farewells
                            Facebook Page
                            Thank You
    11:00 P.M. - Evening Closes

    Sunday, July 31, 2011

    Welcome to The Searchers Club!

    The ‘Searcher’s Club’, formed in January 2010, is an informal Masonic study group, whose membership is open to any Master Mason in good standing with a just and duly constituted Lodge in amity with the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of New York. Attendance of meetings is volitional, and is not restricted to any specific Lodge, district, state, or country. The name of the club derives from the concept that while Masonic Candidates seek light within the Craft, Master Masons search for the Masonic Lost Word- hence, the Searcher’s Club.

    The purpose of the ‘Searcher’s Club’ is to provide an opportunity for Master Mason’s to take fellowship with Brethren under the auspices of studying, discussing, and analyzing items of direct interest within the Blue Lodge degree’s- Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft, and Master Mason. The ‘Searcher’s Club’ is not intended as a substitute or alternative for any presently established course of Masonic study (e.g. LSOME, Road to the East, etc.) provided by either a just and duly constituted Grand Lodge or Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons or Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons. At best, the topics studied, discussed, and analyzed within the ‘Searcher’s Club’ serve only as supplemental information addendum to the individual Brother’s present course of learning.