Monday, August 8, 2011

Allied Lodge No. 1170 initiates a Masonic Book of the Month Club!!!

Our Brethren at Allied Lodge No. 1170 have had the insight to start a book-of-the-month club for Brethren interested in furthering their Masonic education, or just wanting a great Masonic social outlet. I am told, through Bro. Michael Flores (some of you may know him as "Bro. Flo"), that the first book to be read is the Masonic classic entitled, The Meaning of Masonry by William Wilmshurst.

The books are first read, then discussed in an open forum on the Allied Lodge Facebook Page. Bro. Flores says that the discussions are pretty lively, and invites us all to participate! If you're interested, simply visit the Allied Lodge page by clicking here and request to be added to the group. Additionally, you can email R.W. Curtis Alan Banks at to be added to the Allied Lodge page.

For those of you who either can't find a copy of the book, or the cost simply may not be in the budget, here is a link to an online copy at the website click here for the online copy of The Meaning of Masonry.

Here's a small taste of William Wilmshursts writing:

"Light is granted in proportion to the desire of our hearts, …".

"Initiation, … meant a process whereby natural man became transformed into spiritual or ultra-natural man and to effect this it was necessary to change his consciousness, to gear it to a new and higher principal, and so, as it were, make of him a new man in the sense of attaining a new method of life and a new outlook upon the universe." (Meaning of Masonry, Wilmshurst, p. 185)

I, for one, am definitely participating. Before I became a Freemason, I read such books, but never had anyone to discuss them with! I look forward to sharing thoughts and ideas with my Brethren about such things, and look forward to taking fellowship with new Brethren I have not yet met, those who might otherwise have remained perpetually at a distance.

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