Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bro. Alleyne Provides a Link to an Excellent Paper on Facebook!

My Brethren,

If you're not aware of the Esoteric Blue Room group on Facebook, you may want to do some investigating. Inthat room, there are some pretty heady discussions, the kind that made you want to join Freemasonry inthe first place, particularly if you thought Freemasonry was founded on deep philosophical and esoteric principles. We've provided the link here- Click here to download Bro. Jackson's paper- and strongly encourage you to read it through; we have found it to be very insightful!

Here are two of the Facebook comments posted on the paper thus far:

Earnest Hudson
Good stuff! I particularly appreciate that the speaker did not simply admonish the Craft, but rather gave an observational analysis, through Comparison/Contrast, of then current issues affecting, what the speaker seemed to feel as being, th...e stability of the Craft within the United States of America. Additionally, he gave a Masonic solution, Emulation- to practice the highly successful habits of the Craft that are found in other parts of the Masonic world community.

I find this approach similar to a tenet expoused by a great statesmen who was quite famous for saying, and I loosely paraphrase, that the liberation of the mind is best achieved through adoptation of the mindset that one is a "World Citizen," juxtaposed to being a member of a social sub-class, local community, city, state, or even country. For myself, in a Masonic context, I find this powerful indeed, for it implies that we of the United States have possibly stunted our own Masonic growth to the extent that we extoll our varying levels of jingoism.
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  • Bill Thorne
    Bro. Jackson is on point. As you travel and experience Freemasonry in a worldwide setting you'll develop a deeper and more meaningful appreciation for doing so. There is more to Freemasonry than reading and learning to ricite the contents o...f the Ritual in the various Degrees. Hit the road Jack! there is knowledge beyond the four walls that house your Lodge meetings. Keep in mind, the Lodge is within you. May His blessings be with all!
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