Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A PDF File for "The Meaning of Masonry" is available!


Our Bro. and friend, Lenny Lubitz, has provided a link to a PDF file for Wilmshurt's "The Meaning of Masonry." Here's some of the reason's that you'd want to secure this copy:
"It is a link to the pdf version of the Wilmhurst book, a format both easier to read as well as downloadable so that it can both be saved and read on a Kindle or Nook or IPad...

In addition, it has a forward penned by (RW) Brother Alan Boudreau, the former curator and librarian of the Livingston Masonic Library (as well as a Fellow of the American Lodge of Research)."

PDF file link for "The Meaning of Masonry"

Many thanks,

Your brother Lenny Lubitz

We thank you Brother Lenny for this contribution!

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