Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Brother Moses Montefiore Masonic Education Association

My Brothers,
It is again high noon on this bright Sunday as I sit down to pen this column. In the coming days is the convergence of two commemorations which connect to our Masonic symbolism. The Jewish holiday of Chanukah is the celebration of the rededication of the Great Temple of Jerusalem, (the second Temple to stand on Mount Moriah as the Temple  built by King Solomon was destroyed by Babylonian conquerors). The holiday focuses on the symbol of Light, and the miracle that it can continue to shine despite the efforts of the enemies of that which we hold dear to snuff it out forever. Simultaneously is the marking of the Winter Solstice. This occasion is often wrongly focused on the fact that it marks the shortest day of the year, a day in which the Sun is seen for too few hours…However, more significantly, like a Phoenix, this day also portends the dawn which follows---the day in which the Sun becomes stronger as its rays again begin to shine brighter and the workday of our ancient operative brethren could again be longer and more productive.  

So too should we, under the leadership of our lodge masters, rededicate our Temples and step forward to ensure that our labor is both energetic and focused on our desire to achieve perfection. How do we rededicate ourselves? Pick up a Masonic text and study it…deconstruct its verbiage and genuinely learn its subtle lessons. Increase your Masonic labor by preparing a Masonic paper or lecture. Mentor a brother of the Craft in need of guidance. Visit a brother of your Lodge who you have not seen in the Temple. These holidays are not meant to be days of rest, but rather days of being Freemasons.

Always on the level,
Brother Lenny Lubitz, F&AM

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