Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What's in an Apron?

When I first was received into the Ancient and Accepted Order of Freemasonry, I was told that there would be nothing as symbolic of purity as my Masonic apron.

Since that short time ago, I have seen many varied and beautiful Masonic aprons, all worn with pride by the men who displayed them.

During that same time, I have also heard many men express discontent at the embellishment of apron, citing that such superfluities detracted, and even perhaps even disgraced, the symbol of the Masonic apron. In either case, I understand both presentations.

It seems that a man, full of pride about his travels in Freemasonry, is apt to display that pride, it it seems most convenient to do so on the surface of an apron. There are those that would say that the apron should remain unblemished, as this is what we as Masons strive for, purity of self as symbolized by the wearing of an unadorned apron. Yet others would say, that as we move in the profane world, we are apt to collect the superfluities of life, and they are perhaps symbolized by the magnificently adorned aprons that many wear.

In Colorado, this dispute reached a climax when the Grandmaster of Colorado, Most Worshipful Brother Karl J. Hinkle issued a proclamation stating that all Masonic aprons worn by the Brethren of that jurisdiction, must conform to the approval of that state's Grand Lodge.

I've included a picture of our Most Worshipful Brother because I believe it exemplifies both a choice and steadfast commitment and to a belief that the State of Colorado seems to be sincere in upholding- even the Grand Lodge aprons of that State are "plain white aprons with the Seal of the Grand Lodge attached to the center of the flap portion of the apron."

To read more about the decision of the Grandmaster of Masons of the State of Colorado, click the link and enjoy the read. When you're done, form an opinion.

Just make it an informed opinion.

Bro. Earnest

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