Friday, January 20, 2012

Festive Board in Honor of Poet Robert Burns


You are invited to participate in this Festive Board in honor of the birth of our late Brother Robert Burns, poet laureate of Scotland.  This is a traditional meal, observed worldwide, including the traditional Ode to the Haggis accompanied by a bag piper.  Beginning at 9:00 after our meeting.  We will enjoy two hours of free-flowing scotch whisky and beer, and a full three course meal.  The cost of this has been advertised at $55.00 per person with $10.00 benefiting the Seventh District Association.  The lodge will subsidize this cost at $10.00 per person which brings downs the cost to a more affordable $45.00.   Please make your reservations ASAP to


Stephen Rumpf, Master


Aurora Grata-Day Star Lodge No. 647
(Third Kings District)
The Seventh Manhattan District Fellowcraft Club
will be co-hosting the annual
Robbie Burns Festive Board
Wednesday, January 25th, 9PM

Masonic Hall
71 W 23rd St, American Room (19th Fl)

$55.00 per person
(includes appetisers, dinner, desert, open bar & piping)
(Free to AGDS647 members in good standing for 2012)

Brother bring a friend
(Stag / Attire: Tux or Tartan)

RSVP (by 01/11/2012):

Gie her a haggis!


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