Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Interest in Shaquille O'Oneil Continues!!

I posted a comment about Shaq, and what's interesting is the number of Brethren on Facebook who have expressed concerns regarding either Shaq's credibility as a representative of Freemasonry, or the manner in which he was made a Mason. Let me state publicly that I do not question either Shaq's credibility or status as a member of this Craft. If a Brother was made in a Regular Lodge, then he is a Brother Mason, period. As a Mason, there is a reality that I must at least FUNCTIONALLy accept- the rights of a Grand Master.  

To relieve confusion and restore good will and peace amongst Brethren, perhaps I should re-word my initial thought: Is National Television the best forum to bring to light such information, particularly in the manner in which it was done? If I wear a diamond encrusted ring of any kind, I can be sure that it will both attract attention and incite inquiry. Am I, in essence, intentionally drawing attention? And once that attention is drawn and I have a captive audience, do I educate the questioner or play coy and naive to the moment at hand?

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